Hello. I’m Meg.

Over the years, this site has been a blog, portfolio and way for curious people to find out who I am and get in touch. It’s mostly just the latter two, now. So, hello!

Jump to the foot of the page for contact details, or read on to find out more about me.

I worked for a long time in the space where technology, community and media overlap. At the beginning we called it cyberspace, then new media. then social media and then just… being online. The distinction between life online vs IRL (In Real Life), which I’d written my MA dissertation about in the mid 1990s, has blurred into insignificance over the past 25 years.

I started out in academia, shifting to content creator and producer, before becoming a manager, director and consultant… then training others to pass skills and thinking on. I worked with charities, media organisations, academic institutions and legacy businesses like banks, government institutions and publishing houses, of all sizes and in many locations around the world.

The kind of things that I once worked on at the (cutting) edges of digital experiences at the end of the last century eventually became the humdrum fabric of most of our life online:

  • Understanding and listening to audiences.
  • Making content (and tools) which come to life in digital spaces.
  • Thoughtful curation of communities of interest, circumstance and practice.
  • Challenging established ideas about authority, tone of voice and the porosity of media.

These days, I’m still online, but my work (mostly) isn’t. After decades of a career working mostly with intangible things, content, ideas and people, my focus at this point is on real, tangible issues, communities and places — and the spaces where they overlap.

I’m especially interested in empowering those who are left out of development and decision-making about things which directly affect them. Could be because of geography, education, language/culture, socioeconomic status or any other reason, including political disenfranchisement and having no historical voice.

I help people get involved, be heard, and create change to improve outcomes – as well as working with organisations and institutions to help them to be receptive, refreshing and even radical in coproduction and involving (service) users.

I mostly focus on:

  • Making communication effective
  • Developing coproduction and consultation which respects and values different perspectives and experiences
  • Creating and developing communities of interest, circumstance and practice to provide support and learning
  • Facilitating workshops and conversations which bring people together to solve problems

If you want to get hold of me – to say hello, involve me in a project or anything else – you can find me on LinkedIn or email me direct using hello at this domain.

I look forward to hearing from you.