2 thoughts on “How the experience of Twitter and Blogger have unfolded over time: many similarities

  1. Great timeline. I’m sure it applies generally to many other digital services that replicate or usurp an offline equivalent. Even thinking back to one of the first ‘social’ activities on the web, online dating, there’s plenty of comparable milestones in development.

    Thanks for sharing to mark Twitter’s anniversary.

  2. Hm. I think I stopped at 56! I haven’t felt the need, despite a couple of attempts, to get back into it – but that’s probably because I branched into writing reviews rather than blogposts (for a publisher) and it all became a bit too much like work.

    That, and I didn’t live with people I could IM between bedrooms. Or at least, that I could do so with and they wouldn’t find it *weird*.

    I wish I could find a page online I once read about the “life cycle of a music critic” – so much was applicable to the life cycle of the blog, for sure.

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