Meg Pickard headshot 2015

You’ve probably arrived here looking for me, or for some information about me.

Maybe you need some help or advice about digital engagement or transformation, community collaboration or creative facilitation.

Maybe you saw me speak at an event and you want to follow up with a question or find out more about that person waving her arms about on stage.

Maybe you’ve stumbled across something I’ve created online, or in print, and want to see what else I’ve done.

Maybe you already know me and you’re just being curious. That’s OK. Hello.

If you’ve had a poke around and can’t find the information you’re looking for, or if you just want to say “hi!” please get in touch.


I haven’t blogged for years, though I’ve been writing a lot for work clients over the years. I’ve also been increasingly involved in the world of SEND: as a parent of a child with SEN, I’m learning every day and keen to share what I discover in case it’s useful for those also on the journey.

So I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing publicly again, especially as my area of work and expertise shifts.

Here’s something I published recently about helping children to navigate changes to routines and reduce anxiety, using visual timetables and card sorting.

I’ve also recently authored a number of online courses about 21st century digital skills for the University of Leeds and Institute of Coding. You can find out more about them here.