6 thoughts on “Blog vs Blogpost: a note on terminology

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  3. In posting this comment, I realise that I am not actually posting it. I also had some other points I was going to pop in the post-that-is-not-a-post, but then realised that popping something in the post could be misconstrued as an analogue activity. ‘It’s a small distinction, but it’s important.’ Is it really? Having said that you could call people who breach the blogging etiquette ‘dastardly bloggards’.

  4. You ask “Is it really [important]?”

    Yes. It is. To me, at least. But then I’m also a stickler for correct apostrophication.

    I understand that language and meaning evolves over time – semantic drift – and that if people misunderstand whether you’re referring to the container or the individual object, it’s unlikely to cause a huge amount of pain or trouble. But I think it’s a style thing – some people and organisations may be happy to risk ambuguity, but why bother, if there are clear words to differentiate between things?

  5. Oh it’s such a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE thing to say, “Hey, I just wrote a new blog for my website.” I hear it all the time, and it’s so aggravating. It bothers me even more when editors or grammar-Nazis call posts “blogs.” I work at a newspaper that has an all-but-disregarded online part to it, so I hear this all the time.

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