Know your place

My new commute involves taking the train and transferring at a big, busy urban interchange. I’m learning a lot about my commute – and the fine art of commuting – of which more in time, I’m sure.

But a little glimpse for now: last night, waiting at St Pancras, I noticed that the people on the opposite platform (waiting for the northbound train) were huddled in particular formations relating to where the doors open when the train eventually arrives.

Know your place

This tells us three things.

1. The train’s obviously going to be busy when it arrives, so proximity to the door is everything
2. You’ve got to do a lot of commuting before you know not just which zone to stand in so you’re near the exit when you get off, but where the doors open
3. If you’re not standing in prime position (by the doors when they open), you’re going to get left behind

3 thoughts on “Know your place

  1. that’s such an ace photo. the same thing happens at the tiny suburban station near Leeds where i sometimes* commute from: familiar faces always standing in the same spot, making the trade-off between train comfort and speed of exit when arriving at Leeds.

    * i prefer my bike these days

  2. Great pic, it sums up what I have suspected for a while. I and my fellow commuters seem to sleep-walk into a routine, I see the same people getting on my (same) carage at each station every day. Nothing like the dog-eat-dog world of london commuting though (I get a seat)

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