Ten things, observed

Part of my tenth blogiversary series.

  1. Never parted on the tube
  2. Things you don’t see every day on the way to work
  3. H&C line, morning
  4. Bus sketch
  5. At the arrivals gate
  6. Three tube sketches
  7. Sketches of France
  8. Putting on
  9. Honk
  10. Three shirts

Oh alright, ten more, because I do this a lot:

  1. London street, 7.15am, observed from the back of a taxi
  2. Shhh!
  3. Overseen
  4. Lewk up, lewk up
  5. The fellowship and the ring
  6. Train serenade
  7. Watch
  8. The Eurotrouser phenomenon
  9. In the queue
  10. Space invaders