Talking point

At a (media) event in the Netherlands a couple of weeks ago, the organisers were giving out these badges:

Never a truer word spoken

Tell me: is this wry self-mocking? Or cold statement of fact?

I genuinely can’t figure out which it should be.

And the temptation to sharpie in the word “only” somewhere is almost overwhelming.

2 thoughts on “Talking point

  1. I like how the yellow says “Interesting Work.” It’d make a good hiring slogan.

    It’s also telling that “Media People” are dark, I wonder if you could tie that to dark humor.

    Anyway, back to your question: The audience here is clearly the media so I think it was created to be wry self-mocking. But the message works as a cold statement of fact for disillusioned cynics of the media as well. I think on the whole that it’s more mocking, and less fact. Only your opinion of the statement can give you your true answer though.

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