Memo to the people at Yahoo! account services

When forcing someone to set security questions/answers in order to log in to a Y!Group, don’t ask them a name-based question (last name of first boss/first name of oldest cousin etc), allow them to provide an answer (sue, kim, ian, bob, tom, sam, jim, ann, etc) and then throw a strop that the answer needs to be at least 4 letters long.

With respect, if that was the case, you should have informed the parents a while ago, because you asked me for their name and THAT’S THEIR NAME.

Alternatively, you could always specify the minimum length requirement at the time of providing security Question/Answer couplets, instead of telling users they’ve done something wrong.

3 thoughts on “Memo to the people at Yahoo! account services

  1. Could you please try to buy something online with a Visa card? Whoever designed the absurd password restrictions on the ‘extra security’ need to get a memo.

  2. How about those Flash games that tell you to upgrade your plug-in when you have the latest version of Flash 9 ? And when you take a look at the raw page it seems to be locked on an earlier version of Flash 9. Basically, ALL web pages that are non-vanilla should have an “Environment :” footer for people to refer to when something glitches. There’s a gremlin named Murphy on every team.

    P.S. I’m one of those people who have been burned by Flash 10 interrupting my web visits to various sites with bogus security warnings.

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