An assortment of recent(ish) media

I’ve been doing quite a few interviews and things over the last few months, mainly about social media, digital engagement and my role at The Guardian. I thought it might be useful to aggregate the links here, for reference.

Bottom Up Media: an interview with Meg Pickard
Talking about digital engagement and the history and impact of “user-generated content” among other things.

Editors Weblog: Social media at the Guardian: going niche on Facebook
In-depth interview about the Guardian’s use of Facebook and how that fits into the overall social strategy

MediaWeek: 60 Second Spot: Meg Pickard
A profile interview from March 2010, in which I talk about why Guardian readers are like a Bolivian tribe (they’re not really, but there are similarities whenever you’re looking for patterns of behaviour and activity in groups of people), and why social media isn’t killing off traditional news brands.

Reynolds Journalism Institute: What engagement means to the Guardian’s Meg Pickard
I had a fun chat with Joy Mayer, Research Fellow at RJI, who’s spending this year looking at different approaches to increasing and enhancing engagement within news environments. I’m going to be participating in a workshop on the same theme at RJI in early May, too.

Athens Plus: Being heard in a world of noise
Interview with me about social media, activism, narcissism, traditional media and how internet use is changing us. This is a translation of an article that appeared in Athens Plus weekly paper. This interview was done just after I finished giving a lecture on whether technology was making us more or less social, so I think I was probably a bit rambly…

Al-Masry Al-Youm: Al-Masry develops social media strategies
Video about the workshops I gave at Al-Masry Al-Youm in Cairo in summer 2010, helping them establish social media policies, procedures and propositions. Includes an interview with me.

Internet World 2010: Keynote presentation
My speech from Internet World last year. I’ve been asked to go back this year (which I’m told is a first for speakers!) so must think of something new to say…

X-MediaLab 2010, Amsterdam: The Future of Journalism: interview with Meg Pickard (The Guardian)
Video interview with me about engagement and social activity, at a workshop in Amsterdam following XML 2010.

NPOX 2009: Meg Pickard, Guardian at NPOX-XMediaLab, Hilversum
A keynote speech I gave for the NPOX media festival in Hilversum, NL. This is a video of me in action.

NPOX 2009: Meg Pickard, Guardian Media Group on Extending the Conversation
An interview with me about some of the topics I touched on in that keynote.

The more keen-eyed among you may notice that I lost a load of weight between the 2009 and 2010 events. It’s not just weird camera angles!