Brightening the day

Brightening the day

Saw this at the bus stop this morning. After a week or more of snow, slush, ice, more snow, slush again, ice, fog and now rain, and people huddled into winter jackets, snowboots, scarves, woolly hats and the like (a look I like to call “survivalist chic”), it was quite pleasing to see something cheery on the morning commute.

(This photo was taken using the Hipstamatic iPhone app, which aims to replicate various analog lens/film/flash gel combinations. It’s a well-built app, but I’m slightly frustrated that I can’t Hipsta-fy existing camera roll images, like you can with Camerabag – just take shots through the app itself. I suppose it all adds to the rather hit-and-miss analogish experience, though…)

4 thoughts on “Brightening the day

  1. Yay for cheery! A few spots of colour makes all the difference.

    Hipstamatic you say, will check that out, although I’m a very guilty Camerabag user (including using the app on my PC to process old photos, it’s too easy!).

  2. We need to sit down and compare lowfi camera apps – I have LoMob CameraBag and EffectsLab… I looked at Hipstermatic the other day but thought that would be a bit excessive…

    It’s a lovely shot.

  3. I was introduced to the Camerabag app for iPhone the other week and loved it so much I downloaded the PC version – makes my little snaps look SO much more profesh!

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